Why call Quorum-ETC?

Our Philosophy

The aim of Quorum-ETC is to provide English teachers with complementary pedagogical activities, based on short play texts adapted to the level of the students, promoting oral expression and personal confidence, all in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.


The Importance of Drama in Education

Dramatic activities for young people whether acting, dancing or singing have proved themselves to be of great benefit to human nature. Younger or older, introvert or extrovert, dramatic activities build self-confidence; develop interpersonal skills and conversational ability. It allows our energies to be channelled in a constructive, safe and supportive environment. Through drama, we can draw on our own knowledge and experience of the real world to create a make-believe world. It is a wonderful medium for giving praise and encouragement as there is no right or wrong, just different ways of achieving a goal. It’s a great way to learn to trust others, to work in a group, to give and to share. We believe that drama and its associated activities play an instrumental part in human development, providing us with invaluable life skills. Both imagination and play are inherent parts of effective education; therefore drama plays a vital role in our lives and education.



Every year since 2005, students who are sometimes not very motivated by English in class, transform into budding actors using this original approach to the English language.

Mme S Protzenko, Lycée d’Estienne d’Orves, 06050 Nice

The students really enjoyed learning English in a new way, and we were surprised by the implication and motivation that many of them showed us before and during the workshop as they prepared the scenes for performance.

M F Tessé, Lycée Modeste Leroy, 27000 Evreux

We have welcomed Quorum at our school since 2001! This long-lasting partnership is explained by the quality of the work offered by the company and the interest shown by the students. These quality drama workshops offer an opportunity for students to practice English in an original way. It is always a pleasure and a chance for both students and teachers to work with Quorum and we hope it will last a long time.

Mmes Cuel et Forissier, Lycée André Chamson, 30120 Le Vigan

Our pupils have a technological profile and come from very diverse social and educational backgrounds, some of whom were quite resistant to the idea of participating in the project. All of them without exception, were delighted at the end, some of the terminale students were disappointed that they wouldn’t be able to participate in the project the following year! Preparing and performing the scenes and all the drama activities offered in the workshops were very much appreciated by our students. Our English department are always delighted to work with Quorum.

M Taoufik Mokchah, Lycée des métiers Dhuoda, 30913 Nîmes

The "Quorum" moment has become one of our strongest moments of the year. A special day of communication with native English speakers brings a lot to our students who understand why a living language is taught.

Mme Sue Reboah, Lycée Collège Immaculée Conception, 64000 Pau

We welcome pupils from a rural environment whose social background is often under privileged. School is therefore the only way for our public to open up to culture. The themes covered in the sketches offered are varied, funny and very much appreciated by the students. We wanted to combine our three names to say how delighted we are to collaborate with this company.

M Autin, Lycée Bourdelle & Mmes W Lee & F Raynal, Coll Olympe de Gouges, 82000 Montauban


Si on faisait ça toute l’année, ce serait super et on serait vite très bonnes en anglais !

Laurine, Angélique et Adeline

J’ai vraiment passé une merveilleuse journée. C’était un plaisir de vous revoir et de jouer devant vous ! C’est très gratifiant de rencontrer de telles personnes. Merci pour toute la gentillesse que vous m’avez apportée.


Ma partie préférée de l’atelier est l’improvisation, je ne pouvais pas m’arrêter de rire ! Les scènes sont très drôles aussi, j’ai joué un chien !


I wait all year for you to come back. You’re so kind and learning English and having fun and laughing is so fantastic!


It is the first time that I have not fall asleep in the english lesson!



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