Quorum-ETC [Q-ETC] is a touring theatre company based in France providing plays in English to students studying the language. The Company is welcomed by over 150 Collèges, Lycées and Universités in France each year.

The Company – History

Quorum-ETC was established in 1998. The Founders of Q-ETC, Judi Armstrong Christie and Philip Ayckbourn trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. From 1995 to 1997 they presented Shakespeare plays in the parks of London to great acclaim. In 1997, Judi toured with an English speaking company to Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland and from that was inspired to create her own company in the south of France. Quorum-ETC’s first show in 1998 was Chekov’s ‘The Bear and the Proposal’. It played to 22 schools across the south of France and was seen by 2,500 students. By the following year the number of schools had doubled to nearly 50 and within 10 years that number had doubled again. Quorum now performs in over 120 schools per year, with a total audience of nearly 13,000 students. All our actors are professionally trained with English as their native language. As with many of our schools, some of the actors have been with Quorum for several years which helps maintain a more personal relationship between the company and the schools.


All Q-ETC plays are suitable for students aged 13 to adult.
Generally the classes concerned are from 4’ieme upwards but some schools also bring specific 5’ieme classes. Teaching aids including exercises and audio cd’s are available to teachers to assist them in preparing their students in advance of the production. At higher levels we perform to all types of lycées including classique, technique, professionnel and agricultural. We also perform for university students and separate shows exist for expat foreigners, adults learning English and the general public.





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