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Since 2018 Quorum-ETC only offers educational workshops with the aim of helping teachers improve students' oral English skills through interactive and fun workshops. Quorum can also help to prepare the students for oral tests in English and assist those teachers with theatrical projects to stage their production. The drama workshops allow students to practice their spoken English in a stimulating and fun way with a native English speaker.

Workshops - [90 minutes]



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  1. The maximum group size is 30 students for each workshop.
  2. The duration of a workshop is 90 minutes.
  3. The price of 1 workshop is €230. Travel costs are included.
    For 2 or more workshops the price is €180 euros per workshop with reduction of €5 per workshop beyond two.
  4. Workshops require a large space and are very physical and noisy affairs! Please choose a room which can accommodate this kind of activity where tables and chairs can be easily displaced... The students must be able to move around freely and it is preferable to use a room in an area that will not disturb other classes.


  1. The working language will be English. We encourage the accompanying teachers to take part and give assistance with translation if necessary.
  2. The content of a workshop follows a loosely fixed lesson plan, offering drama activities using improvisation, encouraging group work and oral expression, as well as physical and vocal activities and staging of the pre-prepared chosen sketches. Other drama activities will be offered to those who prefer to stay "behind the scenes" with the help of the participating teacher.

Quorum-ETC can provide up to 4 workshops per day. Here are some examples of possible workshop combinations covering a single day.

1 × workshop at 10h30
1 × workshop at 14h00
1 × workshop at 10h30 and 1 × workshop at 14h00
2 × workshops at 08h30 and 10h30
2 × workshops at 13h30 and 15h30
2 × workshops at 08h30 and 10h30 and 2 × workshops at 13h30 and 15h30

Start times can be flexible depending on class hours in your establishment.

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