Quorum-ETC offer one-act plays and workshops in English suitable for students aged 13 to adult. Our plays are comedic, highly visual and contain themes for discussion. Optional drama workshops running alongside the plays, enable students to interact with native English speakers and try out their spoken English in a supportive and fun way.

Current Tour: The Essence of Love by Philip Ayckbourn

November 2017 - April 2018 SYNOPSIS: A mother and her daughter: Diana and Gemma and a father and his son: Martin and Tom, find themselves on adjacent hotel terraces in Marrakech. Artist Tom is embarrassed by his skirt-chasing father and poet and environmentalist Gemma is equally embarrassed by her libidinous mother. When a travelling salesman appears claiming to possess a rare love potion, Diana is keen to try it on the unsuspecting Tom. The potion works and Tom falls madly in love with Diana, to the great surprise of the others. The potion accidentally changes hands and soon it is Gemma's turn to fall head-over-heels for Martin. The situation is only rectified when an antidote to the elixir is purchased from the same travelling salesman. All is set to rights, but somehow, now their passions have been stirred, things between them will never be the same again.

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Performances - [60-75 minutes]

Quorum can perform up to 4 times a day in the same venue. Here are some examples of possible performance combinations in a single day.

1 × show at 10h30
1 × show at 14h00
1 × show at 10h30 and 1 × show at 14h00
2 × show at 08h30 and 10h30
2 × show at 13h30 and 15h30
2 × show at 08h30 and 10h30 and 2 × show at 13h30 and 15h30

Start times are flexible depending on class hours in your establishment and workshops can be combined with performances.

Other combinations of shows and workshops are available and those establishments considering multiple performances and/or workshops that will require consecutive dates in the Touring Diary are asked to contact Quorum as soon as possible to discuss possibilities.

The total performance time including the Show plus the Question & Answer [Q&A] session is 1h15-1h30, however if your performance space is situated outwith the establishment you should be prepared to have your students available for a 2 hour period, to allow for travel to and from the venue.

The total performance time including Performance and Question and Answer session will last 1h30 in total and you should be prepared to have your students available for a 2 hour period in case of eventualities. This is particularly important for those schools requiring travel time to and from an external venue.


Q&A [10-15 mins approx]

After the performance a short Question and Answer session is offered to the students. This gives them the opportunity to practice their spoken English by asking the actors questions. The questions can be prepared in advance if necessary but we have found that once the initial fear of speaking English in front of peers has passed, the students will also ask questions spontaneously. The Q&A may last up to 30 minutes depending on the questions proposed and remaining time available.

Workshops - [90 minutes]

Please note: Workshops are optional and are priced separately from performances. Depending on the actors’ availability, they may or may not take place on your chosen performance day. Under certain circumstances workshops may be made available to schools who have NOT booked a performance but this is dependent on various factors. Please contact us for further information and prices.


  1. You must have either a morning or an afternoon available on your performance day[s].
  2. The maximum group size is 30 students [4 actors] or 20 students [2 actors]
  3. The duration of a workshop is 90 minutes; prices start at 160 €. Please contact us for further information regarding pricing.
  4. Workshops require a large space and are very physical and noisy affairs! Please choose a room which can accommodate this kind of activity where tables and chairs can be easily displaced... The students must be able to move around freely and it is preferable to use a room in an area that will not disturb other classes.
  5. Those establishments wishing workshops only will have to wait until the Touring Diary is complete for your area, as preference will be given to those schools booking performances.


  1. Workshops will be carried out by the company actors where possible. Should the actors not be available, the workshop will be run by other professionals known to Quorum-ETC.
  2. The working language will be English. We encourage the accompanying teachers to take part and give assistance with translation if necessary.
  3. The content of a general workshop will follow a loosely fixed lesson plan, offering drama games dealing with Confidence, Improvisation, Trust and Ensemble work. Drama activities both physical and vocal together with short ‘scene’ direction relating to the current play text are also used. Short scripts will be made available to those who wish to act and other drama activities for those who prefer to remain ‘in the wings’.
  4. Should you have specific requirements, for example assistance for students in preparation for any oral examination and you have particular extracts that you wish us to work on, then please indicate this at the time of booking. We can also offer more intense workshops working predominantly on stress, pronunciation and comprehension.

Similar to performance times, Quorum-ETC can provide up to 4 workshops per day in the same venue. Here are some examples of possible workshop combinations covering a single day.

1 × workshop at 10h30
1 × workshop at 14h00
1 × workshop at 10h30 and 1 × workshop at 14h00
2 × workshops at 08h30 and 10h30
2 × workshops at 13h30 and 15h30
2 × workshops at 08h30 and 10h30 and 2 × workshops at 13h30 and 15h30

Start times can be flexible depending on class hours in your establishment.

Performance/Workshop Combinations

You can combine performances and workshops up to a maximum of 4 in one day. However other combinations of shows and workshops are available for example;

2 workshops at 14h00 in 2 rooms, using 2 actors with each group of students.

Should this be the case, numbers are restricted to 20 students. Those establishments considering multiple performances and workshops and requiring consecutive dates in the Touring Diary are asked to contact Quorum well in advance to discuss possibilities.

Holiday Courses 1 Aubervilliers 013

Film & Theatre Courses - “English in Action”

These courses offer Lycee-level students the opportunity to develop their language skills through the use of drama activities. The courses, run by the actors of Quorum-ETC and professionals working within the entertainment industry, are open to all students studying English. Using an interactive approach to education, these courses are not designed to nurture future actors but will enable the students to improve both their oral and written English, together with developing their self-confidence and team work skills using dramatic activities in a fun and amusing way.

The courses include the following activities: voice work, directing, movement and acting as well as stage management techniques such as props, make-up and costume. At the end of the course there will be a short presentation for family and friends. Daily activities will include: drama workshops, basic film and theatre techniques, scene learning, themed evenings, discussions etc and will be held exclusively in English. As well as speaking the language, informal grammar lessons will be held together with the completion of a course diary.

Details of future courses will be posted here.


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