This section of our site will provide you with information on how to launch your ‘Theatre in English’ project, including meetings with the company, advice on how to finance the project, types of venues suitable for performance and our reservation system. Advice on Pre-Show preparation, what to expect on the day of the performance and Post-Show class work is available to schools with confirmed bookings in the  Member Downloads section of the site.


Meetings via the internet or in person depending on Quorum’s availability, can be arranged in order to discuss the possibilities for performances and/or workshops in or near your establishment. These meetings carry no obligation but we have found them to be the best form of communication in advance of any ‘Theatre in English’ project. An ‘estimate’ can be provided shortly after for you to present at any administrative meetings in your establishment.

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Here are some ideas and ways to assist you with financing your theatre project...

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Venues & Requirements


Theatre, Cinemas, Halls

Amphitheatres, Suitable large rooms. [restrictions apply]

Please contact your local Mairie for possible staging and/or available halls in your area. Should your establishment not have a suitable venue you might wish to consider a partnership with a nearby school that could accommodate your pupils.

Venue-Beuvry Lycée M Yourcenar
Venue-Salle Montigny la Gohelle for Henin Beaumont
Venue-Evreux Lycée Aristide Briand

Technical Requirements

Preferably situated on the ground floor of the building with easy access for a vehicle.

Minimum seating capacity 100 people, excluding the stage area.

1 Amphitheatre – audience looking down onto the playing space.
2 large room – requires staging for maximum viewing.

The ability to darken windows with curtains or blinds is an advantage but not a necessity.

A minimum of 3 electrical plugs.

Amphitheatre - Ceiling height 2.5metres minimum between floor level and ceiling of room to accommodate the set.
Room with stage – Ceiling height minimum 2.5m from top of stage to ceiling to accommodate the set.

The Stage Area

Amphitheatre – minimum requirements are an floor area of 7m x 5m clear of obstructions.

Minimum requirements are 7m width x 5m depth x 0.5m height. (smaller dimensions negotiable under certain criteria.)


Touring Diary

Once the Devis/Convention has been accepted and signed by your Administration you are ready to make your reservation. A copy of the most recent Touring Diary will be sent to you where you will find your school listed in the weeks where it is possible for the acting team to reach you. *Please note that your school may be listed more than once throughout the calendar. We ask you to provide 3 possible dates from weeks that have been attributed to your school and one of these dates will be reserved for you once the final schedule is in place. If you are considering booking a local theatre or cinema, please contact them well in advance of the touring dates to see what options are available to you. We will do our best to secure an option for you as early as possible.

The current Touring Diary is available to members only in the Member Downloads section of the website.

Performance Preparation

Detailed advice on Pre-Show preparation, what to expect on the day of the performance and Post-Show class work is available to schools with confirmed bookings in the Member Downloads section of the website.


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